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Google on gTLDs and What It Means for Your Web Marketing Strategy

Last October, news of the new general top-level domains (gTLDs) hit the Internet and people were jumping at the chance to reserve popular domains like .brand and .club. Among the expanded list of gTLDs were two that caught our eye – .attorney and .lawyer – and we offered some advice to lawyers looking to snag a law-specific gTLD. At that time, it was all speculation as to how the new gTLDs would perform in search results. This morning, a statement from Google on gTLDs explains how it will handle them. Google Says New gTLDs Will Be Handled Just Like Old Ones There wasn’t mention of a whole lot of change when it comes to ranking the new gTLDs over others. Google still looks mainly at the content of the site above all, and the URL really only serves to emphasize the site’s intent. Google doesn’t really care if you have or as long as your site is about shoes. Another question raised about new gTLDs was how the more specific geo-location domains like .london would work as far as geographic targeting. Even though .london seems like it’s obviously a better site to show to someone in the U.K.

The 4 Best Local Business Listings That Are Really Worth Your While if You’re an Attorney

“With which business directories should I list my law practice?” It’s a common question we hear at We Do Web Content, and one that requires more than a few words to answer. We’ve seen several services come and go, rise and fall, and within the abyss of Yext and Moz a few services have stuck out over time to make it on our top four list. We’ve asked our resident local business listing manager, Lisa Melegari, to give us the inside scoop on her top 4 local business listings for attorneys. If you’re not on these directories, give We Do Web Content a call at 888-521-3880 and she can help you get started. Google My Business Google has been here since before I started doing local business listing optimization. It’s the juggernaut of web search and with good reason – Google is constantly revising and updating its services to provide the most user-friendly, relevant experience. That said, it’s also one of the most difficult local business listings to keep up with. A Brief History: Google My Business is the blanket term for the majority of Google’s business-related marketing tools and services. It’s the current iteration of older services such as

Webinar: How to Build a Preeminent Law Firm with Ken Hardison and Alex Valencia

“Under Promise and Over Deliver” In this webinar you will learn the secrets as to how Ken Hardison built one of the largest PI firms in North Carolina. You will also learn: During this Free Webinar with legal marketing authority Ken Hardison, you’ll discover: You’ll discover how a powerful Unique Selling Propostion can transform your law firm. You’ll discover the 3 phases of marketing that your law firm MUST consider in your marketing strategy. You’ll discover the importance of the Doctrine of Preeminence and why it’s critical to your law firm’s success. You’ll discover the key to hiring the right people. You’ll discover the 3 Most Cost Effective Marketing Tactics that Ken presently uses at his law firm. I’ve worked with Ken for several years now and this book is a must read. We will show you how to get your free copy of the book during the webinar.   Transcript Alex Valencia: Good afternoon and thank you all for showing up to our webinar, how to build the preemptive law firm in your market.  Just want to make sure that we have all technical difficulties out of the way, so can everyone hear me, if you can’t, please write

Webinar: SEO Competitive Analysis – Law firm websites and SEO

[textsize size=”16px”] Are Your Competitors Playing Dirty? The Importance of A Competitor Analysis Did you know that one of the most important activities for any SEO process is the initial competitive analysis? Have you started taking the steps to find out what your competitors are doing better than you? The process of a good competitive analysis should correctly identify your SEO targets and provide fundamental input to establish your overall SEO and content strategy. Depending on the scope of your SEO process, and industry, this can be really complex, because of the all of the other factors involved. In the above webinar you will learn about the tools and how to spy on your competitors. You will also learn: How to get a realistic insight into your SEO What Your Competitors are spending How to find link building opportunities, and more… Find out how we can help you with your online marketing and law firm SEO by contacting us.[/textsize] Transcription Operator:  The broadcast is now starting.  All attendees are in listen-only mode. Alex:  Good afternoon and welcome to our webinar with Conrad Saam from Mockingbird and myself from We Do Web Content.  Today we’re going to be going over your competitive analysis and finding out if your competitors are cheating you or the system and

Apple’s ‘News’ App Can Help Bloggers Distribute Their Content More Widely

  On June 8 Apple announced a new newsreader app, cleverly named “News,” will soon be rolling out to iOS devices. ‘News’ is being heralded as the death knell of Flipboard, a popular content aggregator app that collects content from RSS feeds and social networks to display in a magazine-style, flippable format.   What is Apple’s ‘News’? ‘News’ is expected to have a similar but not identical system to Flipboard in that it displays articles and blog posts in a more aesthetically pleasing format. Instead of seeing your blog’s posts as a list of hyperlinks or on a blog roll of snippets or full posts, app users will see the snippets arranged in newsletter or magazine format, with one “page” on your device showing previews of 4-6 blog posts. During Apple’s launch announcement, they mentioned ‘News’ comes ready to go with many prominent news sites, blogs and magazines like Cosmopolitan, Time, ESPN, BuzzFeed, The Telegraph, and bon appétit. This doesn’t mean that smaller, niche blogs will be lost in the abyss. There’s every indication that ‘News’ will allow any blog with an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to display in the app along with the heavy hitters. Optimizing Your Blog

Google Makes Mobile Search Easier with Breadcrumb Navigation

By now, you’ve probably heard plenty of evidence of mobile search’s ever-growing popularity. Here’s a bit more: In the fourth quarter of 2014, mobile search accounted for 43% of Google’s organic search traffic, concluding a steady rise throughout the year. (RKG Digital via Marketing Charts) Google’s well-aware of this. So starting today, April 21, Google will consider whether a website is mobile-friendly when returning search results. Those that are mobile-friendly will benefit; those that are not will suffer. We’ve kept you up to date on this change over the last several weeks. (And we’re hosting a new webinar on the subject on May 1.) But now, as other SEOs like Conrad Saam and Bruce Clay point out, there’s another change accompanying this mobile algorithm update. And it involves breadcrumbs. Breadcrumb Navigation to Appear in Search Results When Google crawls your site for search results, will it be able to follow a trail of breadcrumbs back to your homepage? “Breadcrumb navigation” is a method of site organization and design that presents your web content in a series of categories for easier navigation. Google has now changed its mobile search results to display the page’s breadcrumb navigation instead of the URL. Well-organized

How to Celebrate National Be Kind to Lawyers Day 2015

April 14 is National Be Kind to Lawyers Day, an idea proposed by public speaking expert Steve Hughes, who counts lawyers among his clients, in 2008. It’s a way to show appreciation to the people who work tirelessly to right wrongs and settle disagreements. We Do Web Content works with dozens of attorneys across the country. Every day we see the hard work these professionals put into their calling. In honor of the men and women of the law, we’ve put together a handy celebration guide! Tips for Recognizing and Thanking Your Lawyer The legal profession is one of the most stressful occupations there is. Lawyers often spend upwards of 80 hours a week working on their cases. They put in many a late night to ensure they are taking care of their clients. Whether you work with an attorney, you’ve hired a lawyer to personally represent you, or you have a close friend or family member in the legal professional, take a few minutes to recognize what they do. Send a quick email, thank them in person or over the phone if you happen to talk to them today, or get them a little something special. Not sure what

The Three Best Venues for Social Media Content Syndication

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr…with these and half a dozen more major social sharing sites on the web, how do you pick a service to distribute your content? Sure, you could just cover all your bases and post an update to each one, but who has time to create 12+ unique posts? Then, consider that each venue has different posting attributes, and you’re probably left scratching your head over where you should and shouldn’t be sharing your content. To help make some sense of this crazy social media world we live in, we’ve broken down the top social sharing networks to determine what type of content is most appropriate for the service. The Big Three – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ These three social media sites are the biggest in the business and the ones that you should focus on the most when you’re just starting a social media syndication strategy. Here’s how you should approach each one. Facebook is great for sharing almost any kind of content. Make sure you accompany your blog posts and articles with a short teaser, just one to two sentences, luring your followers to click through to your content. You can easily share and

Gaining Popularity on Google Image Search with Alt Tags

Have you ever performed a Google image search, and the results didn’t quite add up to what you were expecting? Sure, the first dozen rows of images that come up for the term “french bulldog wearing glasses” are exactly that: cute dogs with glasses, but scroll down a few pages and you’ll start seeing completely unrelated images. Because Google can’t “crawl” images like it does text, it has to use information hidden within the website’s code to determine the content of the image. This information is known as the image’s “alt text,” and it’s an important part of on-page search engine optimization that you can’t afford to miss! Harnessing the Power of the Alt Tag to Boost Your Search Ranking When users search with the Google Images feature, they’ll see hundreds of images that Google believes relates to their search query. Google looks at three main things to determine the context of an image and its relevancy to a user’s search query. The image’s file name. The alt text included in the image’s HTML code. The text surrounding the image on the page (including captions, descriptions and text content body). Consistency is key to ensuring your images appear for the

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