How Content Marketing is Attracting Potential Clients

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Many consumers hate being bombarded with “sales-y” websites all chanting “call us now,” “buy now” or “contact us today” in every paragraph. The Internet has created a new class of consumer, one who likes to be informed before making a big decision like a purchasing a home appliance or even hiring an attorney. In today’s market, your law firm marketing shouldn’t just be giving information about your company, but also information about your industry.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique that sells your services to your client without appearing to be an advertisement. This technique thrives on targeting a specific audience from which to draw clients, meaning you can focus your efforts on only the type of customers you want to attract. Instead of creating broad-scope, generic content for your website and blogs, you feature informative, relevant content that attracts the clients who are searching for your specific services.

How does content marketing work?

Content marketing is accomplished when your business or law firm marketing venues include content  relevant to that which your ideal clients are searching. An example would be a personal injury attorney in Houston, Texas who concentrates on dog bite cases. When their website includes content marketing that focuses on Texas animal control laws, Houston dog attack news stories, and case discussions on Texas dog attack cases, they’re providing potential clients with relevant information.

Well written content marketing not only takes advantage of the targeted marketing by utilizing SEO tactics, but also sells your services to your clients without sounding like a sales pitch.
Instead of saying “you need an attorney” and listing a phone number, good law firm marketing will provide content marketing articles that explain a client’s concerns and then provide  information on how to proceed – which is usually a call to action to contact the attorney for a case evaluation.

The Benefits of Content Marketing

As you develop your law firm marketing plans you should be forming an idea of the ideal client you’d like to be attracting. One of the biggest factors in your law firm marketing is the content you provide on your websites, blogs, social media profiles and monthly newsletters. Your potential clients are looking for information first to determine if they need your services. When you provide this information, you’ll be doing them a free service, and they’re more likely to trust and consider you for further assistance – no sales pitch needed!

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