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Do you want to reach new clients with interesting blog topics?

Don’t have the time for writing blog posts yourself?

BlogNo problem! You have a business to run, and writing blog posts – especially SEO blog writing – is not necessarily where you should be spending your own time and energy, especially when there are professionals who can provide a blog writing service to you at an affordable cost!

We Do Web Content’s blog writing services customizes blog content to your specific client interests. All of the content we produce for your website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) to improve visibility in the most popular search engines. Blog writing with keywords can be tricky if you don’t have experience optimizing content for search engine success – this is where We Do Web Content shines!

You don’t want to spend time writing blog posts on boring, stale topics. When we research topics for your blog, we look for the most interesting material that’s likely to be shared by your clients through email, instant message, and especially social media.

These “sharable blogs” can cover a variety of styles, such as: 

  • local news stories;
  • national news topics;
  • tips, steps and “how to”s; and
  • your business news.

Good SEO blog writing has to be relevant, useful, interesting and includes not only keywords, but also proper tagging and categorization of your blog posts – all handled by our writing and editing team. When you have an informative blog full of quality content it’s much more likely to be shared among others, which can help increase your integrity (and ranking!) on search engines.

How does SEO blog writing increase my Web traffic?

Think about the content you see your friends and family linking to on their social media profiles. When they find a funny, informative, or important blog they’ll share it with others. Link sharing is one of the best ways to increase your search engine traffic because it not only shows the search engines you’ve got content that people like but also that it is relevant to those who search and share online.

Writing blog posts that are optimized for search engines means you need engaging content topics while still following the rules for keywords and tagging. At We Do Web Content our blog writing services send your content through our full editing process so your blog is consistently updating with unique, quality posts.

Blogs that don’t update often enough with substantial content quickly lose their reputation with the search engines. A week delay can drop your ranking to the Google dungeons – but you don’t have to take that risk!

If you’re looking for help writing blog posts that engage your clients, drive traffic back to your website, and have a higher sharing rate on social media, it’s time to consider We Do Web Content’s blog writing services!

Our Blog Writing Services + You = The Perfect Match  

Don’t be another blog on the Internet that rarely posts content worth sharing. You want the best for your business. We Do Web Content can help you develop a content-rich blog in no time! Writing blog posts on topics that are interesting while still optimizing for search engine ranking and social media sharing is our goal for YOUR business.

If you’re ready to be the next Facebook link shared among your clients or the “go-to” blog for your industry, Click Here to learn More and Get Started Today!at 888-521-3880!