10 Tips to Get More Readers to Your Content (Part 1)

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January 4, 2011 – Good content isn’t worth the web space it takes up unless people are reading it and being converted into clients. In a world where we can potentially get 100s of emails a day and may view just as many websites, it’s hard to get your content to stand out above the rest.

Every day the team at We Do Web Content is busy not only producing quality content for our clients, but learning more content marketing strategies to improve our services. While doing our daily research, we ran across a great blog about 10 tips to improve email readership.

We liked this idea so much, we’d like to offer our own take on Robin’s tips with a list of our own. Content can be distributed in many ways, not just email, so our tips focus on improving your overall reader-client conversion.

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It’s tip time!

Tip #1 – Make a good first impression.

The title of your content is often the first and only thing your reader may notice before they decide to read or pass on your content. Good titles are catchy and cause your reader to pause and think about what kind of content it could lead to. Numbers are great attention-grabbers (hence the title of this piece). Readers love lists, and they’ll pay attention when you promise 10 tips but only deliver 9!

Tip #2 – Think before you write.

Once you know your topic you’ll want to create an outline of what you want to say in your content. Don’t just start writing or it could end in a wordy, too-long article without a clear focus or take-away point. Identify your most important points and make sure they are properly highlighted in your writing. Don’t get too lofty with high-end vocabulary, and avoid industry jargon whenever possible. Remember your clients are not industry professionals – if they were, they wouldn’t need your services.

Tip #3 – Find your voice to connect to your readers.

As you can see here, we write in a casual but professional tone. This is much more inviting to read than a dry, rambling list of content tips. You also need to keep in mind that even though your content is typed you can still convey the wrong tone through formatting and punctuation. Watch out for the common but avoidable faux pas of using all caps or excessive exclamation points, which are the online equivalent of shouting and jumping up and down, respectively.

Tip #4 – Hook your readers with a good opener.

Once you get them into your content you need to hold their attention. Your first sentence is often as far as a reader will get before they decide not to read your email/article/blog. Unless you can snag them in this brief 5-10 second reading period, your chances of making a reader-client conversion with the rest of your content is seriously reduced.

Tip #5 – Build a pyramid of information, with the best nugget at the top.

This tip works especially well for when you’re answering common client questions. Begin with the answer, and then write your reasoning/evidence in the rest of your article. Because most readers don’t reach the end of the content, you need to make your conclusion point at the very start of your content so they don’t miss the message you’re sending. Use the rest of the space to explain further if they really want to know.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog where we’ll share 5 more tips on making your content attractive to readers!

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