12 Days of Christmas: Day 6 – MySpace Focuses on Content

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December 16, 2010 – One of our more recent blogs reported on the refocus and potential rebirth of the failing social networking site MySpace which paved the way for social media giants Facebook and Twitter back in the early 2000s.


MySpace got a new look, full of widgets!

Our November 3rd blog came after MySpace announced plans to reinvent themselves as a social content site rather than a social networking site as it was originally intended to be. With Facebook taking the lion’s share of that market, MySpace was struggling to find its niche, and they decided to look at content aggregation as their new focus.

MySpace hasn’t been a particularly popular platform for professional businesses to advertise as it has long been seen as more of a site for up-and-coming bands and music artists to promote themselves and teenagers to socialize. However, with their new content sharing and distribution focus, this may open new doors to professional networking.

As with other social media profiles you should have links to promote your own Web content, as well as the content of others that you enjoy and support.
 One of MySpace’s new content-focused features will allow users to become identified as “experts” on certain topics. The more you produce and interact with content relevant to your knowledge, the more experienced you appear, solidifying your reputation as an industry expert. 

Since our blog, the beta version of the new layout and features has gone live, along with a new logo. The service connects with your existing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, so if you didn’t already have a MySpace account, you’ve got a head start on personalizing your new profile. If the MySpace rebirth does work, lawyers and other professionals may have a new place to promote their expertise while interacting with clients and colleagues with similar content interests.

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