12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 – Google Caffeine

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December 9, 2010 – For those of you who missed the announcement yesterday, We Do Web Content is celebrating the 12 (week)Days of Christmas with a recap of the biggest blog stories of the year.


Web searching got a jolt of Caffeine in June

Back in June we reported on Google Caffeine, which wasn’t a new Google application for once! Caffeine was an upgrade to Google’s already impressive search functionality which boosted their search time speeds dramatically. At the time of launch, it was a welcome boost but nothing to really get excited about…until more Google search changes launched later in the year.

Now, it’s hard to imagine how the drastically evolved Google search features like instant preview and the newly redesigned image search would work without the Caffeine boost. Speed is the key with search engine results, and the faster a page can be delivered to the searcher, the more chance those linked sites have at being chosen.

For businesses looking to be found on the web, Caffeine meant that their websites had to be ready to go with keyword-rich content that was relevant and useful to the search terms their clients were using.Now more than ever, it’s important that your content is not just SEO optimized so the search engines can find it, but also that it is relevant to your potential clients.

We Do Web Content identified these increased needs quickly and continued its current success at providing the quality, custom content that keeps new customers coming to our clients. When your articles, blogs and social media profiles are filled with relevant SEO content they’ll be a much more appealing click to your potential customers!

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