12 Days of Christmas: Day 10 – Plagiarism is Bad

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December 22, 2010 – Gone are the days when you could pop over to an essay farm and download an analysis of Animal Farm to turn in for your English Lit. class and count on getting away with an easy A. With little to no work besides a quick click of the mouse or a little Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V action on the keyboard, your content can be scanned for duplicates anywhere on the Internet.


It’s all too easy to copy text with the use of a computer.

Our July 15th blog discussed the dangers of plagiarism and the Internet, a matter that we take very seriously at We Do Web Content. Computers made copying written works nearly effortless which led to a rash of recycled articles and essays that cluttered the desks of teachers everywhere. But it’s not just students that are guilty of plagiarism, and there are many cases where professional websites take content verbatim and publish it on their own websites.

It’s important to get your information from a credible source, but you should always take the time to write it in your own voice and cite the sources when applicable. For example, when we provide content on a local law, we paraphrase the information in easy-to-understand wording, but also link readers to the original statutes so they can verify the information themselves.

The only time you should ever copy part of a published article word-for-word is when you explicitly cite the original source and provide a link to where you obtained the text.

There are websites such as Copyscape that let you plug in the text from an article to see if it appears elsewhere on the Internet. Many college professors use this or similar programs to check for plagiarism in their students’ papers, and at We Do Web Content we use it to check every piece of content our writers produce before it’s even sent to our editors.

By using services such as Copyscape we can assure out clients that their content is 100% original, never duplicated, unlike some of the “pay per generic article” content farms out there! Why pay money for content anyone can download, when you can get personalized, targeted content that’s relevant to your goals and focus!

We Do Web Content offers our clients personalized content packages designed to increase theirInternet marketing presence and improve client connections. Our custom content is tailored to your specific business needs and is always relevant to the goals your business marketing strategy wants to reach. When your articles, blogs and social media profiles are filled with relevant SEO content they’ll be a much more appealing click to your potential customers!

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