12 Days of Christmas: Day 11 – Content in a Nutshell

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December 23, 2010 – For our last serious day of the 12 Days of Christmas blog series we look back on a mid-year blog entry that gave a great overview of the importance of not just Web content creation but organization as well.


Good content can be overwhelming if it’s not organized and transitional.

On June 4th our blog focused on how your content doesn’t just need to be interesting and relevant to your clients’ needs, but it also needs to lead them along a “breadcrumb trail” to other important parts of your Internet presence. This means good website organization and healthy linking practices in your articles and blogs.

For example, if you are a criminal defense attorney you should have a practice area page for things like DUI defense, traffic offenses, violent crimes, and so on. On your DUI defense page you may have a list of library articles connected to that practice area such as an article on how to fight an invalid stop charge. This article content should also have internal links to some of your other DUI defense and traffic offense articles and blogs as they relate to each other.

Organizing your content to lead viewers around to various parts of your site is important to show you have a broad knowledge of your practice areas or business. However, ultimately you want your “breadcrumb trail” to end up at your front door – your “Contact Us” page. Your web content is just one more vehicle to lead future clients to becoming a name in your address book through your contact form!

We Do Web Content knows that your custom content is the gateway to enticing your viewers to read and explore what you have to offer them. When your articles, blogs and social media profiles are filled with relevant SEO content they’ll be a much more appealing click to your potential customers!

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