12 Days of Christmas: Day 12 – The Real First Fun Friday

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December 24, 2010 – And so our 12 Days of Christmas comes to a close, appropriately enough on a Fun Friday


The can that started it all…

Today we celebrate the first ever tagged Fun Friday blog all the way back on July 9th. While the true FF format wouldn’t come about as a serious feature until a month later, this was the blog that started it all. We try to associate all of our blog news with our goal to provide relevant, custom Web content that’s functional and engaging to our client. Somehow, I managed to tie Canned Unicorn Meat into that goal.

The first blog to ever take a deviation from the norm showcased a frivolous lawsuit involving the ThinkGeek retail website and the National Pork Board. Long story short, the board didn’t like TG’s use of a slogan similar to theirs to advertise a fake product for April Fool’s Day, and thus began the legal battle.

After gaining some media attention from the suit, ThinkGeek issued a press release to slyly poke fun at the absurdity of filing a lawsuit over a fictitious product (wait, they mean to say unicorns don’t exist???). This too gained some fantastic press response and thus the product development monkeys at TG began their work.

This holiday season, we’re happy to report that the media hype and new cult following of Canned Unicorn Meat has made the product a reality. Well, in as much as is humanly possible. The product is 100% meat-free, vegetarian/vegan friendly, no-kill, calorie-free, fat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free….because it’s a tiny stuffed (dismembered) unicorn in a can!

We’re serious, you can buy this for a belated holiday gift!

It just goes to show that Internet hype can create amazing response to drive business, whether it’s showing the clear demand for a product, or spreading the word about a new idea or event, the Internet is where it’s at!

And just because it’s not Fun Friday without some more shenanigans, we give you the Tampa Bay mystery monkey running for mayor. Yes, this is the kind of news we like to run in Florida – we’re quite the interesting state!

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