12 Days of Christmas: Day 2 – The First Fun Friday

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December 10, 2010 – September 24th saw a new feature on the We Do Web Content blog – Fun Friday!


Infamy on the Internet, missing cities and bad law firm YouTube videos were the stars of the first Fun Friday!

We consider this blog to be our first true Fun Friday as it introduced the familiar format and classification in the “Special Series” category that we continue to use today. Fun Friday brings together the best of wacky legal news, crazy courtroom stories, strange lawyer advertising, as well as tidbits of fun, cute, and awesome from around the Internet.

Our Fun Friday blogs are a great place to end the week on a lighter note, with some entertaining legal stories for our lawyer fans, as well as things no Internet-savvy person should miss. We’re big fans of animals, viral videos, and search engine shenanigans.

The staff at the WDWC office collects neat news throughout the week and at the end we pick the best 2-4 stories to run in the Fun Friday blog. Sometimes, topics that wouldn’t work during the normal blog week end up here, but more often than not, it’s just stuff we couldn’t pass up sharing with our readers!

Remember that blogs are often used as a less formal, more casually-written outlet for your content. Especially when the blog is written from a personal account, don’t be afraid to get a bit more chatty and express yourself. Blogs are a great place to connect to your readers and potential clients to give them a window into your world and how you feel about topics important to your industry. As you can tell from Fun Friday, we love to watch bad lawyer YouTube videos and look at pictures of adorable animals!

For some fresh Fun Friday fodder we’ve got Google’s 2010 year in search review video, courtesy of Google Zeitgeist. It’s definitely been an eventful year of news with natural and human disasters, triumphs in sports and medicine, and plenty of political news (both good and bad) spanning the globe. And we’re happy to see Double Rainbow Guy made it in there, as well as the Bed Intruder Autotune video.

We Do Web Content strives to provide our clients with knowledge about content and Internet marketing, as well as the quality, custom content that keeps new customers coming to their websites. Of course, what’s all learning and no fun? That’s where Fun Friday comes in, where we give you cool news that can sometimes be useful, too!

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