12 Days of Christmas: Day 3 – Catching Whales

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December 13, 2010 – Here goes our first full week of the 12 Days of Blogs! As evidenced by our Fun Friday blogs, we love crazy news stories, and what’s crazier than whales jumping aboard ships?


We hope the whale is healed, healthy and avoiding ships!

The July 23rd “How to Catch a Whale (and clients!)” blog has a place in our hearts as the first time we decided to tie a fluff news story into the world of content marketing! Thanks to our awesome sales manager, Alex, we not only found out about this amazing spectacle but also figured out how to make the connection from catching a whale to catching new clients!

The purpose of content marketing is always to catch the attention of potential clients, much how the boat in the news story must have somehow attracted the attention of a 40-foot whale! While attracting whales is hard, attracting new clients is even harder without quality content relevant to your business.

The content your clients see on your website, blogs, newsletters, and e-mails is critical to your points in the first impression department. A client can’t tell much about you from a photograph and a short attorney bio, but they can learn a lot when they look at the quality and value of your content.

An attorney who offers informative articles, insightful blog discussions, and free eBooks to their clients offer more value and get more return than attorneys who advertise their services with a phone number and nothing more. With so many other law firms to compete with, your office stands out more when they provide potential clients with the information they’re seeking and a way to request more (your blogs, eBooks, and consultations).

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