12 Days of Christmas: Day 7 – Facebook and the Legal World

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December 17, 2010 – In light of the recent announcement that Facebook founderMark Zuckerberg was named TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year” our blog pick for this Fun Friday is a fond remembrance of Facebook news past.


Facebook is the new phase of research during discovery in trials.

Before Fun Friday was officially Fun Friday (although the blog was tagged as such) we blogged about the impact social media was beginning to have on the legal world. That particular blog on September 10th focused on a Detroit juror being removed from the trial she was on because she posted a Facebook status update dated prior to hearing the defense’s case. The update’s mention of “going to be so fun to tell them they’re guilty” made the juror guilty of violating her oath that she would hear both sides of the case before making a decision.

Facebook has been involved in numerous court cases, both as evidence and as a party themselves. Rumor has it that many family law attorneys use social media profiles as a first stop for evidence in divorce and child custody cases. Facebook has definitely changed the face of the Internet and all related aspects. The new hot trend in marketing is definitely social networks and Facebook has risen to the top with over 500 million users and even its own movie.

Whether you believe that he stole the Facebook idea or not, it’s no surprise that Mark Zuckerberg is TIME’s Person of the Year because he DID build the social networking site into what would be the 3rdlargest country in the world if you looked at its user base as a population.

The ease of sharing and commenting on content through social media websites like Facebook is proof positive that content is what drives the Internet today.
 When you’re looking to promote your business and services, your content should reflect the level of professionalism that you offer.

Before we wrap up, it wouldn’t truly be Fun Friday without some somewhat irrelevant fun link. So we offer you an adorable version of “Deck the Halls” as sung by user submitted videos of animals on YouTube!

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