12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 – Legal Blogging Works!

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December 20, 2010 – One of our goals at We Do Web Content is to show our clients that one of the best ways to attract business with content is to develop their own blog.


The original graphic for this blog was pink in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

On October 5th we were happy to report on our own blog that AmLaw’s top 100 law firms agreed that blogging was the way to go when it comes to marketing and client relations.

Some of the biggest law firms in the country reported that the content on their legal blogs helped attract clients, promote the firm, and boost their individual status among peers and professionals. These firms all blogged in various practice areas, which goes to show you blogging can benefit anyone no matter what the profession.

Of course, you still have to follow basic ethics and attorney-client confidentiality rules when it comes to legal blogging, but there’s still so much content you could be putting out there. Any business can benefit from producing a blog with relevant content to their industry. Clients are much more trusting of businesses who know their stuff and are willing to share that knowledge.

At We Do Web Content we not only produce the content on our own blog to showcase our knowledge and educate our visitors, but we also work on providing the same level of quality, custom content to our clients. When your articles, blogs and social media profiles are filled with relevant SEO contentthey’ll be a much more appealing click to your potential customers!

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