12 Gifts of SEO #11 – Online Videos with Personalized Appeal

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December 24, 2009 – It’s the time of the season for gift giving, reflection, gratitude for all the good things we’ve accomplished this year and goal setting for everything we want to accomplish in the year to come. With this spirit in mind, we decided to look at all the gifts Search Engine Optimization gives us as website owners in a 12-part blog series simply titled The 12 Gifts of SEO.

Today’s Gift, #11 – Online Videos with Personalized Appeal

Wait, what do online videos have to do with SEO you might ask? More than you might think!

Online videos are searchable and will appear in search engine results along with content search results on Google as well as through video specific searches. Creating relevant titles and tags with your SEO keywords will help those videos appear in search engine results and help drive traffic to your website.

Videos are also judged differently than web content and can appear on multiple websites without being penalized by search engines so you can host a video on your website as well as on YouTube and other video sharing sites. YouTube is even beginning to caption the videos posted to their website, which means when you use your SEO keywords in your video script, you’ll increase your SEO opportunities even more.

Another major bonus to creating your own online videos is creating a personal experience for your clients before you’ve even met. People respond to people. When they see you in a video speaking eloquently about a topic they have questions on and can put a human face on an otherwise anonymous website, you’re connecting with potential customers in a whole new way.

Search engine opportunities, increased traffic, and a personalized experience for your website’s visitors are three fabulous reasons to say YES to online videos!

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