12 Gifts of SEO #8 – Fresh and Focused Landing Pages

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December 23, 2009 – It’s the time of the season for gift giving, reflection, gratitude for all the good things we’ve accomplished this year and goal setting for everything we want to accomplish in the year to come. With this spirit in mind, we decided to look at all the gifts Search Engine Optimization gives us as website owners in a 12-part blog series simply titled The 12 Gifts of SEO.

Today’s Gift, #8 – Fresh and Focused Landing Pages

As the honored code of SEO tells us, let no piece of web content go un-optimized! As you begin the SEO content development for your website, you’ll naturally start researching and discovering your SEO keywords and planning the focus of what subjects and topics you’ll want to write about.

These keywords will turn into different types of content, and depending on the practice or service areas of your website, you will need to create different categories for your library, and unique and engaging landing pages for each area.

Landing pages are wonderful SEO opportunities but you would be surprised how many people just get them wrong! Landing pages should be relatively short, under 600 words and ONLY cover the basic ideas associated with the topics that area covers with clear directions on what you want your readers to do next. All of this content should be infused with the specific SEO keywords for that area and that’s it! Long, drawn out details are much better served as article content.

A fresh and focused landing page takes into account the most important (and optimized) content a reader will need to know when landing in that area of your website. It should introduce that topic and tell your readers where to go next, i.e. – library articles or a blog that features your detailed web content on the subject.

Keeping your landing pages, fresh, focused, and search engine optimized is a major boost for your organic search engine traffic and helps explain the purpose and objectives of the content that appears in that area. Remember, your home page, about us page, contact page, FAQ page, etc. are all landing pages so the same rules apply!

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