12 Gifts of SEO – #1 Organic Search Engine Results

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December 17, 2009 – It’s the time of the season for gift giving, reflection, gratitude for all the good things we’ve accomplished this year and goal setting for everything we want to accomplish in the year to come. With this spirit in mind, we decided to look at all the gifts Search Engine Optimization gives us as website owners in a 12-part blog series simply titled The 12 Gifts of SEO.

Today’s Gift, #1 – Organic Search Engine Results

SEO content provides so much for our websites and our website visitors, but one of the greatest gifts SEO content gives is the ability for our websites to appear in organic search engine results for out most important keywords.

Appearing naturally in search engine results that relate to your business drastically increase the potential of new customers finding your website as well as keeping a steady (or rising) stream of traffic to your web pages. Appearing in organic search engine results also means not having to pay for expensive and fraud-prone Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Since your organic search engine results lead Internet searchers directly to the pages that contain informative content about that subject focused on the keywords they used to find you, you are providing customers with the information they are seeking. This helps ensure your visitor finds the information they are looking for (if you used your keywords correctly), which leads to conversions!

There’s also no limit to your organic search engine potential. As long as you keep identifying keywords to focus on and writing quality, relevant SEO content on those topics, you’ll continue to rank well in search engine results! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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