12 Tips for Cracking the Social Media Marketing Code – Part 2

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April 20, 2010 Yesterday we blogged about the importance of engaging your fans in discussions, listening to what your potential clients are saying, and using video to show the personal side of your practice. Here’s 3 more great tips on how to further harness the power of social media networking.

Tip #4 – Not getting everything you need from Google keywords? Try YouTube!
Are your YouTube videos just not getting hits? Want to “sell” to your clients but can’t get them to watch? Remember that YouTube searchers aren’t looking for products to buy, they’re looking for entertainment and information.

Google’s keyword search provides fantastic insight into what clients are searching for. While they’re a great way to hook the clients who are in the market for an attorney, you could also be missing out on the clients who don’t realize they’re looking for one. A client gets into a car accident, and may be searching YouTube videos for a “how-to” guide on dealing with an insurance claim. They may not be searching with the same keywords they would in Google.

Try YouTube’s keyword tool to see what kinds of videos your clients are searching for. We tried “car accident injury” and while “funny” was the highest searched relevant keyword (it IS the Internet, after all), we also found some useful keywords like “car accident” “accident commercial” “bad car accident” “whiplash” and “back break.”

Tip #5 – SMS is everywhere.
Short Message Service or SMS, commonly known as text messaging, has been around for years. Generally limited to 160 characters–140 for Twitter messages–it’s some people’s primary means of communication. Your future clients have the option to link their Twitter accounts to their cell phone in order to receive new tweets to their phone via SMS.

Many companies encourage customers to text a keyword to their Twitter and sign up for Email updates, coupon offers and more. This is a great way to reach out to new clients, but who’s ever heard of a law firm offering coupons? Instead, try something new; offer a free CD/DVD/info packet on your practice, that E-book you wrote about DUI laws in your state, or even your customary free case evaluation.

Think outside-the-box. For instance, you could try offering, “Text a Lawyer” for on-the-spot legal help. You can’t dole out actual legal advice via text, but you can suggest they come talk to you in person to get help.

Text messages are simple advertising bits that are easily managed by the user. Just make sure you always warn that carrier fees may apply, and the client can opt-out at any time. Limit your texts to once-a-month (i.e. “Happy Independence Day! Check out our July newsletter with tips on staying safe this summer”) or your clients may feel like you’re badgering them. One exception would be to text clients when a current event may have an impact on their case, such as new legislation on drunk driving or trucking regulations, and so on.

Tip #6 – Become your client.
One of Twitter’s greatest features is the ability to see in real time what people are talking about in their tweets. The homepage has a “trending topics” scrolling ticker with the hottest keywords being tweeted right now. Their Top Tweets feed has live tweets creating the most buzz and retweets.

One of the best things ever for keyword searches? Search.twitter, the trending topics search engine that lets you see how your keywords are being tweeted about. A search on “car accident attorney” came up with tons of law firms tweeting about their practice (proof your competition is already using social media to their advantage!).

Not only are your fellow lawyers tweeting about their services and retweeting links to their latest blog post (that’s an upcoming tip!), but your clients are tweeting about their legal needs and experiences too. When searching “know good lawyer” we found users who tweeted a response to a friend mentioning they “know a good lawyer” if they needed one. That good lawyer could be you!

We continue tomorrow with part 3
of our 4-part series of tips for your social media success! Tomorrow’s topics; Catering to your clients wants, the power of intertwining all your social media, and taking a break from self-promotion to just be yourself. Remember that We Do Web Content can help you reach the new generation of clients through the power of social media! Contact us today!  1-888-521-3880