12 Tips for Cracking the Social Media Marketing Code – Part 4

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April 22, 2010 – Here we are; the final 3 tips of our series on social media marketing. Part 3 discussed one of our favorite tips – blanketing your content updates across multiple social media networks. Today we’re reminding you to repeat your tweets, as well as focusing your efforts.

Tip #10 – Focus is good.
Social media has the tendency to be a bit random. People post everything so fast, they could be discussing their thoughts on the latest episode of LOST in one update, only to follow it up with a tweet on how they just found the greatest price on gas. You, on the other hand need to be a little more focused.

Just as you narrowed your legal practice, you need to narrow down your social media topics. You don’t have to focus on just one practice area, but you have to decide how to market that area. If you’re working on your identity as a personal injury lawyer, do you want to appeal to car accident victims, store owners being sued by customers, or are you looking for that next big class action case?

Just as we talk about marketing to your ideal client, you want to use your social media marketing to appeal to their needs.
Taking the sympathetic appeal to accident victims means your updates will want to offer advice on injury recovery, advances in protection/safety laws, and related news. If you’re a defense attorney, you may want to link to that news post about the change in local laws that could impact the looming guilty verdict in your clients’ case.

Tip #11 – Repeat tweet.
Twitter moves fast; REALLY fast. With more than 50 million tweets a day, that’s nearly 600 tweets per second! Especially during high volume events like political elections and awards shows, Twitter has been known to have such heavy traffic that it’s crashed their servers numerous times.

So how do you keep your really important tweets in your followers’ view? Retweet! Twitter has been making it easier and easier to repost tweets and spread the news and you need to be taking advantage of this. Something newsworthy is always worth repeating, and in this case retweeting.

Don’t get in the habit of constantly retweeting, though, because then all you’re doing is spamming
. Be selective in your retweets, and switch things up a bit. Instead of just mashing “retweet” on your latest tweet on the amazing “$1.3 million case you settled”, change it up to something new like “Smith family vindicated by personal injury settlement” or “Wrongful death case finally offers family closure.”

Tip #12 – Social Media is NOT the final answer.
We’ve been hyping the joys and triumphs of social media marketing, but remember, your marketing campaign shouldn’t rely on social media alone. Your social media marketing is just one cog in your well-oiled marketing machine.

A good social media marketing strategy relies on relevant content that’s constantly updated and monitored.
You also need to make sure you’re treating your clients just as you would in person. Remember that while this is a more casual way to market, it still has to remain professional.

We hope these tips have given you some solid pointers on how to harness the awesome power of social media as a marketing tool. If you still find yourself troubled by the wide world of social networks, We Do Web Content can help you! Contact us today – 1-888-521-3880