2010 ABA TECHSHOW Conference Offers Emerging Tech for Lawyers

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February 2, 2010 – For lawyers and legal professionals interested in the world of technology and how Internet innovations can help their firms run smoother and generate more clients, the ABA’s Techshow Conference could help take your firm to the next level.

The 2010 ABA Techshow Conference will be held in Chicago from March 25 -27, 2010 and will feature hundreds of vendors offering tech products and services aimed directly at legal professionals, IT magagers, legal assistants, firm administrators, and more.

Not only does the conference promise to introduce attendees to the Internet and Tech services your firm needs, but also offers educational sessions and workshops that explain how this new technology can better your firm. Topics include social networking, running a paperless practice, IT concerns, and even how your trial and litigation skills can improve by utilizing available technology.

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