2012 New Years Resolution #1 – Start Free eBook Marketing

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Special Series: New Years Resolutions for Your Content Marketing

January 3, 2012 
– It’s a New Year and time to start gearing up your business’ content marketing to make this your most successful year yet! To celebrate the start of 2012, we’re sharing our top 4 New Years Resolutions that every business should make to improve their content marketing.

Our first resolution focuses on an often overlooked subject – how to write an eBook and sell it or give it away for free
. eBook marketing can be easy when you have the right people helping provide your business with quality, custom content. You can have an eBook without writing it yourself when you work with the We Do Web Content team!

Even if you already have a free eBook marketing strategy in place or you have successfully sold an eBook, you may want to write on another topic or simply enhance how you promote your eBook. Some of the tips we offer clients on how to write an eBook and sell it include: 

  • linking to your eBook order form on all of your article and blog closers;
  • creating special offers on your business profiles for ordering a copy of your eBook;
  • making your eBook a coupon available on local business directories or deals sites; and
  • writing effective SEO press releases to announce your new eBook.

If you’re looking to promote your eBook that you’ve already written you can also drive up the hype by releasing an updated version. You can create an updated eBook without writing by simply going back in and reviewing the content that may have changed since publishing. Add in some more recent statistics and cross-reference any laws you cite to make sure they’re still relevant and current.

Whether you’re looking to release your first eBook without writing it yourself, or you want to expand your library of titles with a new eBook, We Do Web Content can help!

Promote Your eBook with Free eBook Marketing Strategies

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