2012 New Years Resolution #2 – Increase Your Article Marketing

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Special Series: New Years Resolutions for Your Content Marketing

January 04, 2012 
– There’s a difference between articles hosted on your own website and articles submitted to an online article directory or hub. Both are great methods foryour article marketing, but they do have some distinct differences.

Business article marketing through article directories means you’ll benefit from web content writing services because the content cannot just be copied from existing articles on your website. If you haven’t started business article marketing, you should consider article services to provide fresh content to post to these directories.

You can easily generate new article topics without much effort just by looking at your existing article topics.
 There’s no penalty to your article marketing when duplicating topics – but duplicating content is still a big strike against you when you factor in the Google Panda penalties.

The Web content writing services of We Do Web Content can give you the fresh, custom content you need and do the work of submitting it to article services in one affordable package. We only work with the high-ranking, reputable article submission sites that are approved for searchability by Google Panda, which can help get your name ranked higher on search results!

The more unique, quality content that your name appears on, the better your article marketing and Internet reputation can become. If you haven’t started a business article marketing campaign yet, make that a goal for 2012 with the help of the article services and Web content writing services at We Do Web Content!

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