3 Commonly Overlooked Aspects of SEO

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Looking to take your SEO efforts and search rankings to the next level? A well-rounded online marketing plan should cover not only the basics of SEO – keyword research, quality content, and inbound links – but those nitty-gritty details that can get lost in the shuffle.

Covering all of the bases can be a time consuming task, particularly if you aren’t certain what bases even need covering. This is where it pays to pass the buck to a reliable SEO consultant or web marketing firm.

In the meantime, get started with these three commonly overlooked aspects of SEO:

1. Appearances Do Matter

Effective SEO isn’t just about what’s happening in the “background” with meta tags, linking, and coding. Outward appearances can impact a website’s overall performance in subtle, but demonstrable, ways. In addition to providing a positive user experience – something that is highly valued by Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms – a professional-looking website is more likely to attract inbound links from authoritative sites.

Think about it this way: Which website would you rather recommend to other web users in a professional capacity? One cluttered with a dozen different fonts and absent any engaging visual elements? Or a website with well-organized design and relevant images and graphics? Create optimized web pages that are pleasing to the eye as well as packed with useful information.

2. Local Listings Matter

At We Do Web Content, one of our first steps with a new client is to ensure they have claimed all of their local listings and that the information is up to date and optimized. Many business owners don’t realize this is an option or are simply too busy to handle this task.

While Google’s local listings is a priority, it’s not the only one. Other options include Bing Maps, Yelp, Yahoo! Local, and Foursquare. An experienced SEO can help you to determine if there are other legitimate options available in your geographic region and/or niche industry. Remove any duplicate or outdated listings that may confuse clients and update and optimize established listings as needed. Your customers and your search rankings will thank you.

3. There’s More to Social Than Facebook and Twitter

Your SEO plan should already make good use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word about your business and drive traffic to your website. But it shouldn’t stop there.

People like to poke fun at Facebook’s cultural dominance over Google+, but Google’s social networking product reigns supreme in search. Many businesses fail to cash in on this golden SEO opportunity. Outsmart the competition by learning how to use Google+ to improve your rankings.

Some of the ways you can more effectively use Google+ include:

  • learning how to optimize Google+ posts;
  • properly embedding links;
  • making connections with industry experts and other influential folks; and
  • tracking performance metrics.

Take the time to learn how to get the most out of Google+ or outsource this task to an in-the-know SEO. The team at We Do Web Content likes to cross all the “T’s” and dot the “I’s” when it comes to building a client’s comprehensive SEO strategy. Learn more about what we do for SEO by calling 888-521-3880, or filling out our online contact form.