3 Reasons to Use Blog Series to Create Repeat Visitors

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The best TV shows keep the audience coming back each week for more. An effective online marketing campaign can do the same with quality web content. The key is to provide some incentive for repeat consumption of your product or services, whether you’re marketing a customized diet service or a personal injury law practice.

Blog series are one of the ways you can stand apart in the vast world of online marketing and establish a dedicated audience of potential clients. How and why go to the effort of crafting a quality blog series? Below are three things to consider about this facet of online content creation.

1. Blog Series Allow You to Really Delve Into a Topic

At We Do Web Content, we generally advise our clients to keep blog posts to 500 words or less. While that is a reader-friendly word count, it can hinder lengthy or in-depth analysis of a specific topic. This is especially apparent in tip-based posts where any one tip or trick may only net 100 words or so. By turning a single blog post into a series, you can expand on and explore each individual tip.

Example: Instead of writing a single post on “5 Ways to Improve Driver Safety in New York,” create a week-long blog series, wherein each day you explore one way in which legislators, car manufacturers, drivers, and insurance companies can improve driver safety. Delving into a topic and really drilling down like this allows you to show off your expertise. It also provides valuable content to the reader who will keep coming back, lest they miss any important information.

2. Blog Post Series Give You More Opportunity for SEO

Got a hot-button issue or media trend that’s likely to draw a lot of web traffic? A blog series – as opposed to a one-off post – allows you to capitalize on that opportunity and get as much mileage as possible out of the topic and keywords. Each optimized post provides an opportunity to rank for targeted and relevant keywords. This doesn’t just apply to trendy topics or breaking news, but any subject for which it would be beneficial to have multiple opportunities to create targeted marketing.

Example: A blog post series can be inspired by a news event such as a high-profile celebrity divorce or amusement park accident. Writing a blog post series about the topic allows multiple chances to organically use keywords and phrases like “Virginia’s prenuptial agreement rules” or “accidents at amusement parks.” Remember the rules of good SEO keyword use still apply: Your pages should complement – not compete with or duplicate – one another, and never keyword stuff.

3. Blog Post Series Can Result in More Page Views

SEOs and web content marketers are constantly struggling with ways to retain readers and reduce bounce rates. A blog post series with great content and smart linking can help to do just that.

Example: Ensure that a blog post series is clearly labeled as such (i.e., “Safe Driving in San Francisco, Part 2 – Rethinking Insurance Minimums”) and that each post links to the other entries in the series. We Do Web Content frequently utilizes this strategy as a means to keep readers on the site and build value for readers.

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