3 Things Holding Back Your Law Firm from Social Media Success

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January 6, 2011 – It’s a new year and time to look to the future for your law firm marketing. OK, social media has been around for quite some time now, so it’s not really “the future” but rather the now. So has your law firm embraced the power of Facebook? Are you Linked In to your colleagues? Have you tweeted your latest blog post?

If you answered no to any of those questions – why not? There are hundreds of lawyers out there finding success through the power of social media, both in client relations and personal development. We recently ran across a blog from social media manager Shannon Paul about the 3 myths she believes are keeping regulated businesses (insurance, financial securities, etc.) from embracing social media. The blog has inspired numerous other social media proponents to consider how those points apply to other industries, like the legal field.

We thought we’d give our own spin on the idea, since, in our experience we’ve heard every excuse in the book as to why lawyers think social media just isn’t for them!


Don’t be afraid of Facebook!

Myth #1 – Social Media is for stalking old classmates/girlfriends/boyfriends.

While early social media did focus on connecting to people you already know (and maybe wanted to forget) today’s social media platform is an area to network and be discovered. Facebook pages allow you to create a business page rather than a personal profile to promote your practice. This allows you to have a bit of a disconnect from your personal profile and your business page.

The social aspect of social media allows a business to interact with their clients in a casual yet still professional venue. Posting engaging content on your social media profile is a good way to encourage discussion of hot topics related to your industry, as well as show clients that you are actively engaged in what matters to them.

Myth #2 – Ethics rules are too complicated or picky about social media.

Every industry runs into problems when it comes to marketing and advertising ethics and your law firm is no different. Your local bar may have specific restrictions on how you can advertise on the Internet, but we’ve yet to see an outright ban on the use of social media. Just remember that like anything you post on the Internet, it should follow the conduct guidelines of any type of advertising.

If your state bar does have heavy restrictions on online marketing many other law firms may feel the same way as you: it’s not worth the hassle. This means there is a lower chance of your competing law firms to take the time and effort to break into the social media scene in an ethical manner. You could be a pioneer in your area if you manage to find the key to social media use without violating bar rules! (Remember, companies like We Do Web Content are here to help you provide ethical content for your profile.)

Myth #3 – Social media takes too much time to manage.

Really? Think about how much time you may waste in a day constantly checking your email inbox (or maybe you already waste time on Facebook games). When you have a company like WDWC providing quality, organic content to your blogs and website article library, updating a social media profile takes a matter of seconds and mouse clicks.

Many of our clients find great success in linking to their already created content on their website through their social media profiles. This is just another great channel to distribute your content, and it allows for readers to instantly comment on your articles and blogs. The commentary on posts like this can be a great venue to show you are interested in what your clients have to say, and show off your legal knowledge as well.

And there you have it – WDWC’s own 3 myths we hear about why lawyers just won’t embrace the world of social media. Of course, every law firm has their own concerns and issues when they consider social media as a new marketing tool. Contact We Do Web Content today to discuss howcustom content created specifically for your website and blogs can help you develop a great social media marketing strategy. 1-888-521-3880.