3 Tips for Small Business Success with the Internet

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October 7, 2010 – The Internet has become an increasingly popular and affordable way for small businesses to market themselves to local clients, but are they really getting the most out of what the World Wide Web has to offer?


Internet marketing can require the efforts of more than one person.

Some small businesses think that an email address is all they need to do Internet marketing. Having a website up and running with your business information is a good step in the right direction, and creating a social media profile or two is an even bigger leap into Internet marketing.

While these are all well and good, small businesses need to learn that there’s more to Internet marketing than just having a few tools. You need to learn how to use every aspect of your online presence to accomplish your marketing goals, and we’ve got 3 tips on how to create a successful Internet marketing strategy.

Tip 1: Lead Generation
The purpose of your Internet marketing is to attract new clientele and grow your business reach.Having a website with 1000s of monthly hits and a Facebook page with 100s of fans is worthless if none of those contacts generates a lead to a new client. The real success in Internet marketing is when your website content entices a client to learn more about your service and prompts them to fill out a contact form.

When you’re developing content for your website, blog or social media profile don’t just make it factual, make it a call to action! Entice your readers to learn more, get more, do more with your company. Good content drives a potential client to fill out your contact form, send you an email, or make a phone call. Once you generate this lead, it’s only a matter of your client interaction skills to convert visitors into customers.

Tip 2: Online Presence Management
You can’t just develop websites, blogs and social network profiles and not be able to manage them. We’re not just talking about updating, we’re talking about understanding how each piece of your online presence adds into your Internet marketing profile.

First, you need to realize what determines your online footprint.
 Where is your business represented in the growing world of social media networks, online directories, and search engine rankings? Find out everywhere your business is and can be, then make sure you’re taking advantage of all you can manage.

Next, look at the content that is associated with your business online.
 Remember that the content on user-generated review sites such as Yelp also reflects on your business. While your personally controlled Internet marketing can be managed on your own, you still need to police what others are saying about your business to develop a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Finally, you always need to be mindful of your competition.
 You really can’t determine if your online presence is successful or not if you don’t have anyone else to compare it to. Look at where your competition is marketing themselves and how, then learn from their triumphs and mistakes to improve your own online presence.

Tip 3: Relationship Management
In the end, it all really comes down to how you manage your relationship with your potential and current customers. Gone are the days when a canned email response was enough to satisfy a customer inquiry. Today’s Internet-savvy consumer wants their issues resolved by a live person, not a computer script.

Personal attention to emails, social media responses, and blog comments is essential when connecting to your clients.
 The more you use your Internet presence to interact with your clients, the more in touch they become with your business.

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