3 Tips to Recover from Being De-ranked on Google Search

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Imagine you go to check your Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to see your current statistics and see a sudden drop in your web traffic. What’s your first reaction? The worst thing you can do in this scenario is panic and start changing things right away.

Tip #1 – Keep calm and do some research. Look at the date the drop started and then look at what your website was doing since that time. Did you update your layout, add new content, or change any other significant part?

If there’s nothing raising a red flag there, look at Google’s Webmaster Blog to see what their latest news is. If they just rolled out an algorithm update (like this past weekend with Penguin) chances are you’ve been hit by changes they made. Again, don’t panic, just follow tip 2…

Tip #2 – Talk to a professional about your personal situation. This can be your webmaster, or an SEO content copywriting service like We Do Web Content. You should seek out those who know about SEO changes and strategies to help you recover from a traffic drop.

If the Penguin changes marked your site as webspam you may need to rewrite your existing content, plus some fresh, new content that holds up to Google’s quality standards.

Tip # 3 – Be diligent but not obsessive while watching your recovery. Google gets a large amount of traffic and requests, so any changes that they need to manually review will take some time. Meanwhile, this is a good opportunity to review your Internet marketing strategy and see where improvements can be made to your website’s content.

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