3 Ways to Make Your Content Link Friendly

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January 18, 2011 – We like to call it “following the breadcrumb trail” when we write articles and blogs that link to other relevant content on our clients’ websites.

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Make sure your links lead in a logical direction – to your internal articles and contact page!

Many website visitors begin reading an article and come across a term or idea that leads them to want to learn more. For example, a person reading an article on how to file a personal injury claim might wonder what “premises liability” means. The best way to capture this curiosity is to link that very phrase to an appropriate article or blog entry on your website that contains that information!

Your goal with the informative content for your website and blog is to provide the basic information on the topic and encourage your readers to learn more, but stay within your website.
 Internal linking to other relevant content is a great way to lead your readers on a breadcrumb trail around your site. In doing this, you reinforce a sense of trust and respect in your knowledge, which makes it easier to convert that reader to a client!

The top 3 things you can do to encourage your website’s readers to follow your “link trail” are:  

  • Identify key phrases that correspond to relevant content already on your website.
  • Use these key phrases or other strong statements to become your anchor text.
  • Make sure every page has a link to contact you for further information, sign up for your newsletter, or a similar goal.

Users won’t click on a link they’re not sure is a link. Likewise they’ll shy away from links in text that doesn’t really tell what you’re linking to. Building proper links and directing your clients eventually to your contact information is the key to good content development!

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