301works: Keeping Your Short URLs Active

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August 14, 2009 – URL shorteners like Bit.ly and URLizer have become pretty commonplace thanks to social media and especially the popularity ofTwitter and its minimal character cap. With the heavy use of tiny URLS, there has been the question of what would happen to all those shortened links if the host company ever went bust.

These questions have been amplified lately after Tr.im announced they were going under and all of their shortened links would cease to be by the end of the year. Luckily, Tr.im changed their mind and that crisis has been averted, but it still doesn’t make people feel very confident in their tiny link security.

To answer the call, 301works is starting a project where they are teaming up with Gnip to become a central hub for all the independent link shortening services out there to continue the link should any one company fail. While not everyone is jumping on board, several major contenders including Bit.ly, Awe.sm, betaworks, and URLizer are. The service is set to launch some time in the next few weeks with the ultimate goal being to have a non-profit who is not a private URL shortening company run the project.

Hopefully this new 301works hub will work out and bloggers, Twitterers, and Internet users everywhere can rest assured that their short links are indeed backed up.

Check out the entire article on TechCrunch for info about the 301works project.

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