4 Degrees of Facebook Advertising through Likes

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Blog Series: The Awesome Power of Facebook’s Like

August 25, 2011 – Facebook for businesses is all about connecting to your clients through engaging content and marketing strategy. How you go about this marketing can be done in several different ways, both free and paid. We’ll give you a brief overlook of the 4 main content-based marketing methods: organic content, the fan effect, sponsored stories, and social enhanced ads.

Organic content is the content you take the time to post to your fan page. It can be articles from your own website, your latest blog entry, or even an interesting news story you think your fans will enjoy. This is completely free and the simplest way to start interacting with your fanbase without needing to know much about how Facebook works.

The fan effect goes hand in hand with your organic content. It’s the residual marketing effect that occurs when a fan of yours shares your content among their friends. This helps expand your marketing reach beyond the number of your fans, as it expands to their friends as well when someone likes a post of yours or posts your article links to their news feed.

Sponsored stories are a Facebook marketing tool that will cost you a little money, but can be fruitful if you’re sharing the right content. With sponsored stories, you control what content is highlighted to your fans and friends of fans. It’s no longer a matter of chance if your content is shared to friends of fans or not – you pay for that feature.

Social enhanced ads are just like normal paid Facebook ads, but with an added social element. Instead of just an ad for your business page with information directly from you, the enhanced ad will contain many different social aspects such as a list of a user’s friends who also like your business page. An event will show all of the user’s friends who are attending, and so on.

As you can see, there are both free and paid methods of marketing with content that can be a great boost to your Facebook reach! It’s not called “social media” for nothing – you need to drive up interaction with your content, whether you’re using the free power of your fan base or if you’re tossing a little cash into Facebook’s pocket to get your name really out there.

We Do Web Content relies on the free methods of social media marketing first, because we know that with quality content you don’t really need to rely on paid advertising! Of course, if you’re really interested in paid advertising, we’re happy to help with setting that up too, because we want you to achieve your maximum marketing potential!

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