4 Measurable Ways Blogging Boosts Business

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November 23, 2010 – There’s no more excuses for you to avoid blogging now. We’ve found 4 ways you can put some numbers behind how much additional exposure and client attraction your blog can get.

The State of the Blogosphere 2010 report from Technorati surveyed business professionals who blog on a regular basis for their business development. Overall, blogging is a very positive method of both attracting clients and boosting your professional reputation in your field.


Blog – it’s one of the many buzzwords floating around today.

The 4 areas they found that were positive growth for businesses as well as measurable improvements were the following:

#1 – Visibility.
  64% of those surveyed found their presence over similar businesses increased by blogging. Increasing your visibility is as easy as sharing links to and from your blog. The more places you link out, the more connections search engines see to your blog. You also may get some friendly links back from those you link to.

The more places that link to your blog, the more important search engines find your blog to be, and will therefore rank your page higher. This will gain more visibility on search engine result pages! You can see the numerical improvements in your page rankings and analytics.

#2 – Client Acquisition.
 58% of the bloggers reported that they’ve seen an increase in client response through blogs. The best way to measure this is to have a client survey in which you ask your new clients how they found you. As you see that answer often becomes “Through your blog” you’ll know your efforts are worth it!

Many clients find professional services while they are searching for topics related to your business. A recent accident victim may be searching for the motorcycle helmet laws in their state to see if they can file a personal injury case even though they were not wearing a helmet. If you have a great blog post up that includes not only your state’s helmet laws, but how that would apply to a personal injury claim, chances are that client will want to contact you for more information!

#3 – Thought Leadership.
 54% of business bloggers reported that their company blogging has helped increase their reputation in their field. While this is slightly more ambiguous than the previous 2 blog boosts, you can measure its success in some ways. The more websites that link to or cite your blogs, the better regarded your information is becoming in your professional field.

You can check your integrity by doing a search using key words found in some of your more popular blog posts. The more your entry appears on search engine results, the more websites are linking to your content. You can also measure your leadership value by reviewing the comments on your blog entries. The more engaging discussions you spark, the more relevant your content is considered to be.

#4 – Speaking Engagements.
 There’s no better pat on the back than being asked to appear as an industry expert at a professional conference. Many industry events have numerous guest speakers, panelists, and keynotes at their meetings and they are often those individuals who are considered to be the innovative, experienced leaders in their field.

32% of those bloggers surveyed reported that they had been sought out by the conference chairs to speak at their event due to their blogging. Many of the chairs were fans of their blogs, and found they were a good pick to bring their words to the audience rather than just on a computer screen. Not only does this get your blog exposure, but it also gives you a solid boost in the physical networking in your industry!

Blogging is becoming more and more important as users go mobile with their content needs. With its short, casual form and ease of creation and management, blogs are replacing lengthy newsletters and long articles as a popular medium of sharing your knowledge in an easy-to-digest format.

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