4 Reasons Lawyers Need to Link to Their Legal Web Content on Google+

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Facebook might win the social media marketing popularity contest, but Google+ may just be your law firm’s best online friend. This is because search engine behemoth Google values activity on its own products. The more active you are on its social network, the more you boost your reputation in Google search engine results.

There are more than 500 million Google+ accounts. That number is only bound to grow as Google increasingly encourages Gmail, YouTube and search users to get active on the platform and share valuable content. Your legal marketing may miss the boat if you’re slow to activate an account and engage on Google+ by promoting your legal web content.

Below are our social media marketing team’s four tips on how – and why – to boost your reputation by creating backlinks to your own content on Google+.

1. Take advantage of faster site indexing – Google+, in many ways, acts as a new and improved URL submission service. By sharing your site’s own content through Google+ you provide Google’s search engines a faster way to index your pages. You can’t rank for pages that aren’t indexed, making this a no-brainer.

2. Build your brand – Google+ provides a heavily weighted platform through which you can establish and build your positive brand identity. You can do this by linking and (and +1-ing) your web content and other related online content through your own Google+ account.

Some examples of content that can build your positive brand identity might include:

  • recent client testimonials;
  • a news article in which you are quoted for your expertise;
  • a press release detailing your law firm’s recent involvement with a community safety organization; and
  • a blog post outlining your opinions on a new state regulation or statute and how it will impact local communities.

Your SEO or online marketing team can help you to identify which pieces of web content will be most effective at cultivating and supporting your brand identity through Google+ links.

3. Cater to your audience – Google+ circles allow you to niche your content and marketing message to a specific audience. For instance, if your law firm handles disability law claims on a national level, but only accepts local personal injury cases, you’ll want to target your Google+ links accordingly. Your nationwide connections may be interested to read about changes to the Social Security Act, while only your San Diego audience will want to see links about upcoming San Diego road construction projects and accompanying safety hazards.

Ask your social media marketing team to think about ways in which to hone in on your different audiences, and what kinds of content those different segments will want to read via Google+.

4. Increase your potential client list – Hubspot conducted a survey that found 15 percent of SEO-conscious businesses snagged at least one new customer in 2012 because of Google+. Leverage this power to reach out to new potential clients and to maintain a connection with previous clients.

Don’t have time to figure out how to break into the Google+ realm? Call We Do Web Content at 1-888-521-3880 or complete this online contact form. We write web content for lawyers and can handle your Google+ presence from the activation of your account to regularly linking to your pages.