4 Reasons to Add Online Video to Your Legal Marketing Strategy

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Anyone who has lost a half hour to watching video after video on YouTube understands that online video is a powerful force. Increasingly, online video is becoming more than a workplace distraction – video is a powerful and legitimate marketing tool.

According to Forbes, demand for (and response to) online video marketing has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, a B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey from 2012 by reviews site Software Advice showed more than 90 percent of respondents used videos. That trumps other powerful marketing methods that include eBooks and webinars.

Not sure if video marketing is the right fit for your law firm? Here are four reasons you should consider adding online video to your legal marketing strategy today.

1. The Audience Can Better Connect With Your Message

People respond to faces and voices in a way that print simply cannot match. Forbes reports that, according to the “Brain Lady” Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D, certain brain functions predispose us to pay close attention to human faces. The human voice, meanwhile, is a powerful tool for disseminating information. Your written FAQs may provide tons of useful information, but a video series of questions and responses may resonate more thoroughly with the audience, simply because a human is personally relaying the information.

2. Clients Get a Sense of Who You Are

Attorneys get an unfair rap as being disconnected or somehow emotionless. Show your potential clients that you have a personality by visually introducing yourself to the audience. An online video allows clients to get to know your voice, mannerisms and how you talk about sensitive issues that are important to them. Video provides an opportunity to convey your empathy, compassion and concern for a client’s well being. It also gives you a chance to prove that you are well-spoken and professional, both qualities that rank high in a client’s mind.

3. Users Love the Ease of Videos

Today’s consumers love the ease of using online videos. An online user can simply hit play and soak in the message instead of having to sit and read a long post. Videos are appealing because they give the reader an option to multitask while learning new information.

4. There are Many Avenues to Share Videos

There are many video upload sites to consider beyond the mega-successful and always popular YouTube. Consider Vimeo, Veoh and Flickr just to name a few. Online videos are extremely “shareable” and you can disseminate them through numerous social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. An internet marketing expert or SEO can help you to target the platforms that will be most effective for your video content.

How to Get Started with Video Marketing and Other Creative Content

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