4 Warning Signs You’re Using the Wrong SEO Company

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The feeling of being with someone who truly understands you and your needs – it’s the goal for many of us in life. It should also be the goal for your business when searching for the perfect SEO company to provide you with great web content.

You can’t just Google “SEO companies” and pick the first result – you wouldn’t do that when searching for a new doctor. This is an important relationship you’re about to establish, so take some time to find the best match for your needs.

Working with an SEO company does come with some risks, but by doing your homework and really getting to know a company and what kind of work it does, you can hopefully avoid some of these pitfalls.

Watch for These Four Warning Signs of a Bad SEO Company

My SEO company doesn’t get what I do. A poor SEO company will treat all of its clients the same. If an SEO firm writes mainly for attorneys, it might figure all personal injury law firms handle all types of accidents. But maybe your law firm specializes in motorcycle accidents and doesn’t take medical malpractice cases. You want to make sure your SEO company does a thorough review of your business’ intent and ideals to ensure it is portraying your company in the right light.

My SEO company won’t show me solid results. Month after month you’re getting reports that “your content is performing well” or no reports at all. If your SEO company won’t disclose hard data showing improved search rankings and web traffic, it’s probably hiding poor performance. Ask for a monthly status report and if you ever doubt how well your website is really ranking.

My SEO company won’t let me have input on my content. Your SEO company shouldn’t be the only one writing and giving input for your content. You know best when it comes to interesting, useful content for your clients and site visitors, so you should be comfortable sharing topics and news articles with the company handling your web content. In turn, writers should accept your input and work it into your content plan, or offer to include your words in the content they write as a quotable opinion.

My SEO company never offers me ways to improve. A good SEO company is always looking for new venues to promote your web content or ways to boost your search ranking. If the company you choose isn’t always on the ball with the latest in search engine marketing, chances are it’s not doing the best it can to improve your rankings and traffic. If you haven’t seen a notice about new enhancements to your content plan or offers of expanding or evolving services, you may want to look into working with a more innovative, on-the-ball SEO company.

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