4 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Interactions with Images

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The Internet is a very visual world. While text content is king, flashier content is queen. It’s becoming more common to see all types of text content accompanied by visuals – photos, infographics, videos. This media helps increase the attractiveness of your content by giving readers more than just words on a screen.

According to data from Facebook, users upload approximately 300 million photos to the social media site every day. In 2012, HubSpot found that posts that include photos generate an average of 53 percent more likes and 104 percent more comments than text or link-only posts.

Four Ways to Use Images in Your Posts

There are several types of Facebook posts and each one can benefit from the addition of an image. Check out these common types of posts and how to effectively add an image to draw more interactions:

General info post: Find an image relevant to your discussion topic, or at the very least match it with some local scenery or an artsy nature image.
Q&A: Again, try to match an image with your topic, but if your question isn’t a very visual one, try an image that invokes questioning on its own to draw attention.
Posts about people or places: Of course, if your text is talking about a specific person or place, include an image of the subject. The best images here are ones you’ve taken yourself rather than relying on official images or headshots.
Links: If you’re linking to a website in your post and using the link preview, you can choose to use a thumbnail from the site or upload your own thumbnail image.
A Few Things to Remember About Using Images

Always make sure you have permission of the subjects in your images if you’re using personal photos on your Facebook. This is especially important when photographing children.

For images you gather off the Internet you also must obtain permission for use and follow copyright guidelines. There are several stock photo websites that allow you to purchase royalty-free stock images, which is the safest way to go if you’re not using one of your own photos.

Just remember that even paid images have their own restrictions for what they can and cannot be used for in a commercial setting such as a business’s Facebook page. When in doubt, contact the original photographer to ask their permission for use.

Image myth: Altering an image or adding text in a photo editor does NOT make the image your own creation.

There are hundreds of ways to use images and other media to boost your social post performance. At We Do Web Content we ensure that only high-quality, approved images go into our work so our clients get great content without the frustration of image use and safety. To learn more about our services, fill out our contact form! Call today – 888-521-3880.