44% of Google News Readers Only Scan Headlines

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January 20, 2010 – It’s all about the headlines! According to new reports from Outsell, 44% of all the visitors that go to Google News only scan the headlines. So what does this say about how people are responding to online content and how can you get them to read past the headlines and get to your actual content?

While Google is certainly a barometer for a lot of online behavior, it’s amazing to think that almost half of all the people who are looking for news think just reading a headline is enough. So what can we take away from these findings when it comes to driving search engine traffic to your website (and getting those visitors to actually read your articles and blogs?)

Make Your Headlines Work!

Headlines are designed to get people interested about the body of an article. It’s your job as a writer to create a headline that is not only initially eye-catching (it should stand out on a page of search results), but intriguing enough to get readers to click on that headline for more information. Headlines and Page Titles (while page titles are often different from article titles, the page titles are what shows up in search results) are also some of the MOST important places to put your SEO keywords.

Great headlines are the ones that show up in search engine results (due to excellent keyword inclusion) and mix the right amount of interest and urgency to get people to want to read that article RIGHT NOW! You can do some first hand research by doing some scanning of your own. Look through a newspaper, Google News, or even blogs you enjoy and pay special attention to what headlines really grab your attention and make you click.

While your specific interests may be different than your audience, there is a formula to creating great headlines. When you are thinking about publishing an article or blog, think about why this information is important and market that idea with your keywords in mind!

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