5 Biggest Website Turn Offs

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December 14, 2009 – Sometimes the best intentions don’t really translate to the Web. The easiest way to lose online customers (or prevent them from being customers in the first place) is to stop thinking like a consumer. Below we’ve compiled some of the biggest website turn offs that will have your visitors leaving in droves.

  1. Really long landing pages – Landing pages should be short and sweet. They need to contain only the most important information for that area of your website and clear directions to your articles on the subject, contact information, and what specific action you want those readers to take next. Long pages of text will not be read or convert your customers. Turn that extra info into article and blog content for your website.
  2. Not splitting your web content into categories – If your website has hundreds or even thousands of articles, they can’t all possibly be on the exact same topic. You need to create separate content categories on specific areas of your business to keep your visitors from feeling overwhelmed and help them find exactly what they are looking for quickly. This also gives you the opportunity to create custom landing pages and increase your SEO content reach. This can also apply to blogs!
  3. Asking for too much information – People do not want to register to your website just to read an article unless you are a newspaper, and often they don’t want to register even then. Customers also do not want to tell you their entire life’s history just to get on an email list or download an E-book. When asking customers for information, really think about what info you absolutely need and only ask for that. Name, location, phone number, email, and maybe space for a question or details about why they require your service is typically all the information you really need. Don’t annoy your customers by asking them to fill out long forms for no reason or give you information that has nothing to do with your professional relationship.
  4. Hiding Information – Another thing Web users hate is having to look everywhere for information. No one wants to spend 10 minutes on a website looking through pages of text just to find a phone number, address, basic info about the company, or answers to simple questions. Your website should be clearly laid out with navigational tabs and/or side bars that contain direct links to contact information, your article library, information about your company, and a well thought out FAQ section that provides simple answers to the basic questions your visitors have about your business. People won’t keep searching if they can’t find this information easily, they’ll just leave.
  5. Slow Loading Pages – Yes, most of us are now spoiled with high speed Internet connectivity and we don’t want to wait 45 seconds for your page to load. Slow loading times are a huge factor in bounce rates and overall website quality. Call it unfair, call it petty, but a slow loading time is a conversion killer. Sit down with your IT guy or gal and figure what exactly is slowing your load speed and get rid of it. With Google soon taking into account page load speed in their algorithm, slow loading pages aren’t just turning off web users, but they may soon negatively impact your page rankings. Get it fixed now!

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