5 Early Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Potential Clients

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February 5, 2010 – A key aspect of effectively marketing your law firm online is using your web content to prove to potential clients that you are the lawyer best suited to their needs and that you will fight to protect his or her rights. You naturally want to achieve the best results for every client that you serve, but you aren’t able to help someone if they A.) can’t find your law firm’s website, or, B.) they visit your website and don’t find what they need/don’t like what they see.

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, we’ve collected 5 ideas on how you can do a better job of online marketing and–at the same time–improve your potential client’s experience on your legal website. Consider these to be 5 early Valentine’s Day gifts for your potential clients (and your practice)!

  • Be easy to find – Use search engine optimization (SEO) to help your potential clients find you when using Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This includes a careful and precise use of well-researched keywords, particularly geo-specific keywords. And don’t forget the importance of unique, relevant page titles!
  • Offer easy-to-read content – Your website is not the place to get too verbose; readers use web content differently than printed content. Be nice to the scanners–as in the people who tend to “scan” a page for useful info–by breaking up the page with small paragraphs, bulleted lists and judicious use of bolding. Avoid huge chunks of text like the plague.
  • Demonstrate compassion – Always put yourself in the victim or client’s shoes. Don’t talk down to them and be mindful that you don’t come across as dismissive of their problems. Let’s say you’re a lawyer who specializes in Massachusetts divorce. Just because you’ve handled hundreds of divorce cases doesn’t mean your potential client has. Remember that each visitor to your website has a unique case and they need to know that you can put yourself in his or her shoes.
  • Share important and relevant information – While it’s important to avoid overly complicated legalese, your potential client came to your website looking for answers to a particular question. Provide that answer in clear, concise terms and demonstrate that you are an expert in your practice area.
  • Be engaging – Use photos, videos and a blog roll or current news section to keep your webpage fresh and engaging. And while we’re on the subject, think about the overall design of your website. Seek out an outsider’s perspective on whether the layout is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t need to be super cutting-edge, but it shouldn’t look dated or sloppy, either.

For more ideas on how to entice and convert potential clients with your website read Presentation and Law Firm Websites.

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