5 Easy Steps to Writing Catchy Blog Headlines

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You can’t judge a book but its cover, but you can rest assured online users are judging your blogs by their titles. So how to stand apart on the “shelf”? The answer: Learn to craft informative and catchy headlines that will be shared across a multitude of platforms.

Below are We Do Web Content’s top five steps to brighten up boring blog titles by writing catchy headlines:

1. Keep it short and sweet – Brevity is a valued commodity in an Internet landscape dominated by real-time status updates and 140 characters or less. Choose your words carefully and concentrate on the most important and tantalizing aspects of the blog.


Good – “6 Steps to Toned Thighs,” “How to File for Divorce in Texas”

Too long – “Try These Thigh Exercises: Lose the Jiggle with These 6 Easy Tips for Toned Legs,” “When it’s Over: What You Need to Know About Filing for Divorce in Texas for a Successful Outcome”

2. Use keywords wisely – Blog titles – in addition to meta tags and page titles –are among the more important places to incorporate keywords and search phrases. That said, write for humans first and search engines second. Blog titles, like your content, shouldn’t be overly optimized – steer clear of keyword-stuffed headings.


Good – “How to Find a New Dentist in Chicago,” “5 Steps to Protect Your Texas Accident Claim”

Overly optimized – “Best Dentists in Chicago: Choosing a Chicago Dentist,” “Texas Accident Help: A Texas Accident Lawyer Offers Tips after an Accident”

3. Be informative first, clever second – Creativity and humor have their place in catchy headline writing. However, never let clever wordplay get in the way of a clear and concise message. Readers deserve to know what they are getting when they click on a blog. A confusing or misleading blog title is a quick way to lose readers and increase your bounce rate.


Good – “Shake it Off: 5 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes”

Vague/misleading – “What to Make When You’re Feeling All Shook Up”

4. Aim for an emotional response – If your industry and circumstances allow, insert a bit of personality and opinion into your blog titles. This conveys passion and generates interest. It also sidesteps the common issue of being too abstract or vague when writing about a broad topic.


Good – “Why the New DUI Law in Ohio is a Safety Nightmare,” “How Fad Diets are Hurting American Waistlines”

Too broad/passionless – “New Drunk Driving Laws in Ohio,” “Assessing Fad Diets in America”

5. Use numbers, “how to” and other teasers – People love lists and quick-hit instructional pieces. Offer a teaser snapshot of what they can expect, whether it’s a top five list, a how-to instructional guide or tips and tricks. As a bonus, these kinds of pieces are super shareable across social media platforms.


Good – “A How-to Guide for Filing for Child Custody in Michigan,” “Top 5 Sizzling Celebrity Bikini Bodies”

Missed opportunity – “Filing for Child Custody in Michigan,” “Hot Hollywood Stars in Bikinis”

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