5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Facebook Presence

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January 27, 2010 – With today’s “official” launch of Google’s Social Search – a product that essentially allows users to conduct specified searches of their various social networking connections – we’ve been given yet another example of why it’s important to have an effective presence on Facebook.

Today’s consumers place a large value on the content and information that they receive via social networking sites, where Facebook is among the key players. With applications like Social Search, Facebook may become more valuable than ever in terms of getting out your marketing message.

With that in mind, let’s take a few minutes to go over some quick, easy ways that you can get more out of your organization’s Facebook page. These simple steps may help boost your marketing presence in the increasingly relevant social networking sphere and also serve to add that priceless human touch to your marketing profile.

Listed below are 5 easy ways to improve your Facebook presence

Pay attention to your friend list and/or wall feed – Personally engage with your fans; wish them a happy birthday, welcome them to your group, congratulate them on a huge accomplishment. The smallest gestures can have a huge impact.

Respond to wall posts that you receive – Even if you say nothing more than “thank you” or “glad you found that useful,” your followers will appreciate the time you took to publically acknowledge their comments.

Always answer any questions – Speaking of responding to wall posts, this becomes almost non-negotiable when it comes to questions. If a client or fan uses a wall post or personal message to ask a question about your business or practice, respond to them in a timely fashion. Use your discretion in choosing to either respond in a wall post – which everyone can see – or in a quick personal message.

Share at least 3 non-marketing links each week – Find articles or videos that are relevant to your practice and that could be useful to your clients. Your fans will appreciate that you are sharing great content that doesn’t specifically toot your own horn. Plus, it shows that you’re in touch with what’s happening outside of your own organization.

Create “Facebook Fan”- only incentives – Create and promote a coupon or special offer that rewards Facebook friends for reading your posts, leaving comments on your blog or sharing your posts. It doesn’t have to be huge, just something that rewards people for engaging with your business and encourages them to switching from being a passive “Fan” to an active participant.

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