5 Myths About Outsourcing Your Web Content

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February 24, 2011 – We’ve heard some recent concerns over hiring ghostwriters and using outside sources to produce content for legal websites. Well, We Do Web Content is here to relieve those concerns!

A recent article published by the ABA Journal cited some of the fears lawyers and legal marketers have when it comes to the topic of hiring outside writers to develop content for legal websites. While it’s true that most ghostwriters for legal websites aren’t lawyers themselves, they can still help in producing ethical, relevant, and accurate legal content with the right know-how.

To address some of the concerns brought up in this article, We Do Web Content presents our answers to 5 of the common fears law firms may experience when considering hiring a content company to produce their Web content.

Concern # 1 – Ghostwriters are unqualified.
Anyone can write a blog and publish it on the Internet, so it does take a bit of legwork to find a ghostwriter that is well-suited to your needs. When you are seeking a content marketing company to outsource your content needs to, there are some – like We Do Web Content – that specialize in writing legal Web content. Just how your potential clients choose an attorney or firm that specializes in their type of case, We Do Web Content actually specializes in writing legal content.

We Do Web Content has vast experience in writing for lawyers across the U.S. as well as Canada and overseas. When you have a writer or writing team that understands the complexities of your particular practice area, their pieces can be engaging and accurate. Remember, you are writing for your prospective client – not other attorneys, which means that hiring a talented legal writer who can speak to the needs of your clients may just get you the traffic you need to boost your leads and conversion.

Concern #2 – You lose control of what’s being said in your name.
When we work with our clients one of our first steps is to create a content marketing strategy which includes the topics and areas we will focus our writing on. Not one piece of content is produced until the client has had time to review and approve each topic. We also consult with our clients on the perspective they want us to take on legal issues, as well as their personal preference on the types of articles and blogs they’d like to promote.

Concern #3 – This is MY blog, I need to do it.
The legal profession is known for being a too much to do with too little time kind of job and for most lawyers, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for to write a blog post let alone constantly fill your library with new articles, FAQs, and so on. That’s where companies like We Do Web Content can step in and make a huge impact. We know you’re busy running your law firm and helping your clients, but neglecting your website and online marketing efforts isn’t going to help anyone. If you don’t have time to do this type of writing yourself, you need to find someone who can. A specialized SEO content company like We Do Web Content that produces customized legal content is a great answer to that dilemma.

Concern #4 – I don’t want someone else’s words published under my name.
We understand that your reputation as both a lawyer and a law firm relies heavily on what is said in your name. Therefore, we suggest you have your Web writer or Web writing team post your content as an anonymous staff member. It will still be on your law firm’s blog, and drive the traffic to where you want it, but you don’t have to actually have your own name on the post.

Concern #5 – What if ghostwriting just doesn’t work for my law firm?
Every business and law firm is unique and not all marketing efforts will work for every type of business. However, having a constantly updated website that is filled with articles, blogs, and other types of valuable SEO content is a basic necessity in order to stay competitive in a growing online market.

Some law firms can afford to hire a marketing manager and full time writing staff to take care of these needs. Most smaller law firms cannot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete with larger firms. Content is the answer. If you don’t have time to write content yourself and can’t afford an in-house writing staff, outsourcing your Web content needs to a company like We Do Web Content is a very affordable and viable option.

A well researched ghostwriter is worth it!

A well researched ghostwriter is worth it!

Your legal content CAN be written by a ghostwriter if they take the time to learn about your marketing objectives and tailor their writing to your vision and in your tone. We Do Web Content conducts a thorough interview with all of our new clients to ensure our content marketing strategy is on track and fulfilling their online marketing needs.

Look, you’ve got a busy career as a lawyer. You don’t need to worry about being a blogger too!
By working with a company like We Do Web Content that specializes in creating custom, ethical content for legal blogs and websites, you can take some of the anxiety out of using a ghostwriter.

You can learn more about the power of SEO content and what it can do for your website by ordering our Free Ebook: Stop Paying Per Click: Get Free Leads or simply contact us today to get started  – 1-888-521-3880.