5 Steps to Transforming Your Web Content into a Video Script

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Blog Series: Marketing with Internet Video

July 21, 2011 
– It’s time to make your Internet video debut! You’ve got the cameras, the set, the talent – but what are you going to say? Not all of us are born ad-libbers who are able to just sit down and give a great chat about a topic related to their business. A good Internet video begins with a good script.


Step 1: Choose a Popular Topic. When we’re approached by our clients with a request for video marketing we study their website’s analytics to determine which topics garner the most traffic (demand) and have the lowest bounce rate (interest). Obviously some subjects will lend themselves better to video topics than others, but it’s important to capitalize on those you know will be successful for you!

Step 2: Identify
 Your Talking Points. If you find your industry’s most popular topic is pretty complex or sophisticated and can’t be explained effectively in 5 minutes or less, you’ll want to break it up into segments to create a video series. Simpler and straightforward topics can be condensed into 1 video with several short talking points.

Step 3: Time Yourself. 
Internet videos, just like website content, have to catch a viewer’s attention and work even harder to keep it once they’ve clicked through with the ultimate goal being conversion. You should make your video is long enough to get your point across, but not too long that viewers will lose interest. A typical informative video ranges from 1-5 minutes, depending on the subject.

Step 4: Create a Casual Yet Informative Script.
 The fundamental rules of creating quality, search engine optimized content for your website also apply to creating video scripts: 1) hook a viewer from the start; and 2) build up to the best information at the end. Keeping a viewer’s attention is critical to the usefulness of your video. Don’t give away your best information first- lead your viewers into it with a good opening and then conclude with the most important information, which will help promote watching to the end.

Step 5: Preview Your Script Before You Record.
 This isn’t so much a rehearsal thing as it is a content review. Listen to how it sounds, you want to be informative but not dry with your information. Read it to someone unrelated to your business and ask them if at any point they just completely lost interest. Revise and try again until you get something you’d be proud to commit to the cameras.

If script writing isn’t your forte, or you just want to show up on set, say your piece, and be done – leave it to the professionals! At We Do Web Content we offer script development as part of our services to our clients. When we develop your content plan we make sure it contains the topics most important to your clients – many of which can be turned into video scripts!

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