5 Tips for Making Your Web Content Mobile-Friendly

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During Google’s latest earnings announcement it mentioned that 40 percent of YouTube’s traffic was now mobile, a substantial jump from the 25 percent mobile use last year. They’re not the only site to boast huge mobile use, either.

We’re Becoming a Mobile Society – Here’s How to Get Optimized

Mobile search is steadily growing with one of every seven searches coming from a mobile device, according to Google. It’s time to start thinking about how your content performs on mobile devices. While having a mobile-friendly website is important, it’s also a matter of web development and design, and we’re here to talk content!

So let’s say you have your web team on board for developing a mobile site, but you’re not sure about the content. Here are five tips to help make sure you have the content your customers are looking for:

Decide what’s most useful while on the go. Since most mobile users use search to find local information, according to a survey conducted by Keynote Services for Adobe, think about what a customer who’s away from her home PC would need to know about your business. Some general examples include hours of operation, address, location, brands carried/serviced, and upcoming events.

Be clear and informative. Your content should be clear and concise to appeal to readers regardless of where they’re reading it. But mobile users (who may need information fast) may be more inclined to swipe away from content filled with fluff and that is difficult to read.

Remember, mobile isn’t just phones. Tablets are really starting to become a household feature. Why run back to your desk when you could pick up an iPad and perform a search on the spot? Remember that tablet displays are larger and will allow for easy access of some of your more robust content.

Be careful about media. As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is hot on mobile devices – but that’s when users WANT to see video. Beware auto-play videos, pop-up ads or chat assistance, and any other automatic content events on your website. All of these features have the potential to mess up a content browsing session and turn visitors away from your website.

Check your analytics. Your web traffic analytics should clue you in on the number of search queries from mobile devices that lead to your website. From there, you should understand just how far you need to go to make sure you’re accommodating your mobile audience. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly and you’re getting hundreds of mobile users a month, it’s time to look into mobile optimization.

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