70% of Small Businesses Now on Facebook

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February 15, 2011 – A new report on MediaPost via research from small business network MerchantCircle claims that 70% of small businesses are now using Facebook to market locally to their clients.


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While we are happy to hear that so many small businesses are exploring their marketing options and engaging with social media, just having a Facebook page for your business does not mean instant online success. Without an integrated online marketing strategy between your Facebook campaigns and your website along with other marketing efforts, simply hosting a Facebook page won’t really draw in the new clients you may have hoped for.

As always, it comes down to content and participating. Just like your website, your Facebook needs to be constantly updated with new, interesting content that your fans will want to read, share, and respond to. Whether you are offering exclusive Facebook deals, posting links to your latest blogs, or writing a quick note about a local event or charity you are participating in, you need to keep that content flowing.

Of course, content is only half the battle. Facebook, like other forms of social media is not about just posting random things online, it’s about participating, hence the “social” aspect of social media marketing. You need to engage in conversations with your fans. Respond to their questions or comments, even if it’s just a simple “thank you” for a nice remark on a link.

If your Facebook fans see your page as nothing than a notice board, they are going to stop paying attention. If you interact and engage with those fans by posting polls, asking questions, and other forms of communication aside from link sharing, you’ll build a loyal following of Facebook fans excited to see what you’ll post next.

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