95% of Clicks, 50% of Ad Impressions are Frauds, New Study Shows

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September 18, 2009 – A new study released by Radar Research shows how deeply pervasive click fraud has become. The online advertising study focused on the month of July and analyzed findings published by Mpire with assistance from AdXpose technology.

The study discovered that “more than half of ad impressions and 95% of clicks in online ad buys were fraudulent,” according to Mediapost. The report in Mediapost also went on to say, “Nearly all the fraudulent traffic was hidden behind numerous layers of nested I-Frames — ad units pulling ad content from other sources that can hide URLs and in-view data. The test shows significant impression fraud and URL padding in standard run-of-network (RON) online ad buys.”

Clearly more has to be done in the online advertising industry to prevent this rampant click fraud and repair consumer confidence in PPC advertising. It also showcases the importance of not relying entirely on PPC campaigns to successfully drive traffic to your website.

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