Reaping the Benefits of Industry-Specific Social Networks

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Industry-Specific Social Networks

Savvy consumers expect and demand personalized, targeted services. Social networks are no different; in addition to those with broad appeal (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) there’s a whole new world of industry-specific social networks to tackle.

Because there’s such a difference in the way that some industries operate and network, social networks are popping up that are dedicated specifically to meeting those needs. From real estate to IT professionals, there is likely a social network for every type of professional.

social networks for lawyers

Social Networks for Lawyers

One industry that has a wide range of social networks is the legal industry. Probably one of the most popular is JD Supra, which not only gives you a profile but also helps in syndicating your content. You can upload briefs, court filings, and articles to your profile and publish them.

Avvo is also a great social network for both lawyers and people looking for legal advice. It lets potential clients research your profile – which already exists if you’ve passed the bar – and see your peer ratings. Once you claim your profile, you can start answering legal questions posted by potential clients, writing articles to show off your expertise, and leaving reviews for your peers. is a hybrid lawyer directory and content aggregator that helps law firms not only establish a business profile for clients to search, but also connects it to your articles, press releases, and other useful content. It’s especially helpful to obtain local client leads because it allows clients to search for lawyers specifically in their area. is one of the older, established social networks for both lawyers and law students. It has a global reach that allows individuals and firms to set up networking profiles. Through your account, you can get curated news directly related to your interests, plus join discussion groups and include your firm in the international law firm directory.

Social Networks for Business Owners of Any Type

Merchant Circle is one that We Do Web Content promotes heavily to our clients because we’ve seen some great success. It’s a combination social networking and business listing site that lets you build a personal company profile and attract more local traffic. You can easily syndicate your articles and link back to your company page where you can offer more business details.

There are even services that allow you to build your own social network directly onto your website. Ning allows you to create your own social experience on your website without piggybacking on giants like Facebook or Twitter. And GotChosen not only allows you to cultivate a personal social experience across all of your favorite sites, but it also has site integration so you can start your own social networking feature for your business.

The Niche Social Network World is Growing

If you look at some of the latest funding announcements and startups, you’ll notice quite a few industry-specific social networks are starting or growing rapidly. Even though the giants like LinkedIn exist, there are numerous new companies that are finding footing in their individual markets. For example, last year TechCrunch reported on several startup or funding announcements for social professional networks. These new networks, like Doximity for doctors, focus solely on the needs and culture of their industry, providing features that big social networks may never consider due to the small niche.

It’s difficult to determine where to expend your social networking efforts when you’re trying to run a business. Should you try to jump on the social hype of every network out there? Can you handle updating multiple social profiles on a regular basis? In today’s society, forgoing a well-rounded social presence can be a serious time commitment for a small business.

We Do Web Content can help establish profiles on a wide range of social networks and content aggregation opportunities. No matter what your industry, we can find a social media and marketing solution for you! To get started, give us a call at 888-521-3880 or fill out our contact form to learn about all of the services we offer to help grow your business through social media marketing.