A Picture’s Worth a Thousand “Likes”

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Blog Series: Enhancing Your Content for Social Media Success

June 13, 2011 
– Some fun topics ahead this week as we look at tips and tricks to enhancing your content for spreading on social media. Gone are the days when you shared content solely in emails…that takes too long! It’s much easier to post a link to your Facebook page, or tweet a cool blog out to your followers.

Thinking mainly in the line of Facebook, you’ll find that adding a photo or two to your content body can help promote your content. When you go to post a link to your personal profile or your business’ page you’ll notice that you get the option to add a thumbnail to the post.

fb_thumbnails1 (1)

Most of us get our attention grabbed by pictures over words, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity to hook new readers. We began using this strategy for our own blogs last year when Facebook enhanced their link-sharing capabilities.

Need some help finding images? While personal photos of your business are always best (for example, today’s image comes right from my own desk!) you can find plenty of royalty-free photos online. There’s stock photo websites like iStockPhoto which charge a small fee for access to millions of royalty-free photos. A quick Google search can also turn up many free clipart and stock photo sites, like our favorite, stock.xchng. The Creative Commons at Flickr also is a good bet – just be sure to respect any and all posting restrictions provided with each photo.

Make sure that your pictures are relevant to your content
 – or else you’re just going to confuse readers. There’s a balance to achieve from catching attention to being too off-track with pictures. It may take a while, but soon you’ll find the right combination to grab attention and stay relevant to your content.

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