A Valentine’s Day Love Poem to SEO Content

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Oh SEO content, how we love thee?
Let us count the ways!

We love the way you send
organic search traffic our way
and bring new, targeted clients
to our websites everyday.

We love how you inspire us
to listen to what our customers need
so we can write fabulous articles and blogs
for people and search engines to read.

We love how you know
what’s really relevant
and what’s just for show,
how you teach us daily
about keywords and Title Tags
so we can stay “in the know”,

and most of all we love how you challenge us
to be the best writers we can be,
and show our clients and readers
that growing a website
is like growing a tree:

if articles were like flowers
and blogs like leaves,
the more your website’s content blooms,
the more your clients can bask
in the shade of your expertise!

Happy Valentine’s Day from We Do Web Content!

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