ABA Analyzing Potential Social Media Regulation

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November 11, 2010 – Don’t panic yet, contrary to many of the other blogs you may have read, the American Bar Association is NOT banning the use of social media for law firms!


Don’t get discouraged, your Facebook profile is safe!

The panic began when the ABA announced on September 20th that they’re going to begin analyzing the use of online marketing among its members. This review will most likely target the hot spots: social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Many law firms looked at this announcement as a red flag that the ABA was about to launch a lockdown on all types of online marketing – including the increasingly popular social media networks. We Do Web Content is here to tell you that you don’t need to panic!

We’re not foreseeing any sort of radical restrictions being added to the books, rather this may be a welcome set of guidelines for proper conduct when it comes to the highly unregulated area of online marketing. Right now, your state bar association is the one that impacts your advertising the most, and with ABA guidance those rules may get a bit easier to handle.

Especially with attorneys who practice in multiple states, a more uniform set of rules and guidelines for online advertising may make life simpler.
 It also may take some of the fear of the unknown out of those law firms that have yet to take the plunge into social media.

Many attorneys say they’ve shied away from online marketing due to the intimidating nature of the social media beast. If the ABA provides some restrictions and guidance about proper use of social media, more attorneys may open up to the idea.

Of course, you can always look to those in the know for help in creating your social media footprint on the World Wide Web!
 At We Do Web Content we keep up to date on the latest national and state-specific guidelines for legal marketing so you’re never put in danger of violating bar rules.

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