Acne Myths That Can Damage Your Skin

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If you’re suffering from acne, you have probably heard that it is best to leave your blemishes alone and to never pick at, squeeze or manipulate a pimple, cyst or pustule. That is sound advice and something that a dermatologist would certainly recommend when discussing your acne treatment.

But what about all the other bits of information that you’ve heard about the causes of acne, and acne remedies? How much of that is good advice, and which ones are acne myths that could lead you to damage your skin?

Listed below are a few acne myths that can damage your skin and lead to worse breakouts or acne scars:

MYTH: The sun can cure acne.

FACT: The sun can worsen the effects of acne by drying and irritate the skin.

Washing the face prevents breakouts.

FACT: Over cleansing dries out the skin leading to inflammation and acne breakouts.
Talk to a dermatologist about the correct skincare regimen for your skin and specific acne treatment needs. A dermatologist can suggest over-the-counter skin care products, or prescribe acne medications that can provide safe relief of your acne symptoms.

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