Affordable SEO Bloggers: Michael Jackson’s Death Attracts Worldwide Attention

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Michael Jackson died in June 2009 of an apparent cardiac arrest. While Michael Jackson’s death attracted immense media scrutiny, questions about the cause of death linger.

CNN estimates that more than 30 million Americans watched Michael Jackson’s memorial service, which was broadcast live on a Tuesday in the middle of a workday. There have also been numerous retrospectives of his career as the “King of Pop,” and the music he created. From the Jackson 5 to Thriller, Michael Jackson’s music has made a tremendous impact on the world.

Take a Look Back at Michael Jackson’s Career

While Michael Jackson was a bigger-than-life celebrity, there are parts of his career that are less well-known
. For example, he continued performing and touring with the Jackson 5 long after he had made it big as a solo artist. As another example, Michael Jackson’s later albums, including Bad and HIStory, could not touch the success of his award-winning Thriller album.

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